Saturday, 18 July 2015

Clawcar #4 / The Ploughboy

Type: Harpoon / Claw Vehicle
Faction: Bullet Farm
Donor Vehicle: 1961 EK Holden wagon
Fate: Destroyed in Namibia


  1. I'm pretty sure this was in the far background of the shot of the Citadel carmada right before the dust devil.

    Sorry for a bunch of comments all in a row, just discovered this awesome blog!

    1. All good Kelly thanks for the help , this car is described on the official site as being a Bullet Farm vehicle formerly used to plough the ground for bullet casings , I 'd say they have doubled up on vehicles in some shots to add numbers like the Monaro that has CGI effects added to it in one scene

  2. You might have been thinking of the Buick, Kelly... has a similar colour and profile.


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