Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The War Rig

Cabin Interior with steering wheel from " The Peacemaker "


A rare shot of the inside compartment in the War Rig trailer where the 
produce was kept and where the 5 wives hid

Photo showing Tatra engine and second dummy engine

War Rig concept art

2008 Tatra

Type: Armoured Transporter
Faction: Citadel
Donor Vehicles: 2008 Tatra 6X6 / 1946 Chevy Fleetmaster /  1938 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 - 3 units produced plus a dummy cabin used for close up filming nicknamed " Buck "
Fate: 1 unit destroyed in Australia during filming , 2 units now in storage in Australia

The vehicle commonly referred to as "The War Rig" is a 78 foot 18 wheeler based on a Tatra T815, an all-wheel drive truck manufactured in Czech Republic. It has undergone heavy modification, however. The originally placed cab was moved from over the engine to the middle of the chassis.A custom front was fabricated and additional passenger space was added to the back of the cab, built from a widened 1940's Chevrolet Fleetmaster Sedan. The cab doors are rear-hinged (aka. "suicide doors").
The original Tatra engine proved to be underpowered so it was replaced with a 600hp racing engine. It is air cooled with a massive turbine fan hidden behind a custom front grille. There are two dummy (non functional) Holley superchargers protruding through the bonnet to give the apperance of being powered by two engines. Two pairs of exhaust stacks are installed, presumably one for each engine. The truck has a fully functional hydraulically operated plow.
Three identical "War Rigs" were created for the movie , two vehicles survived and remain in storage in Australia

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