Saturday, 18 July 2015

Convoy #1 / Elvis

Note: small block V8 extractors underneath the big twin side exhuast
Elvis's heavily disguised 50. cal machine gun

Type: Pursuit Vehicle
Faction: Citadel
Donor Vehicle: 1932 Ford Coupe - 2 units produced
Fate: 1 destroyed in Namibia , 1 shipped to Australia now in storage

During testing for the movie the engineers over revved the twin GMC engine and blew it up , it was replaced with a small block V8 and hidden under a fibre glass mock up engine cover.
The original steel body from the original Elvis ( see video ) was too precious to waste so a fibre glass body shell was used.


  1. Awesome vid find!

  2. Is it just me, or is Morsov the gunner that goes flying when Elvis hits the tripwire? That means one of the motorbike escorts picked him up, and he's the guy who swings onto the War Rig when the Buzzards take out the bikes. Pretty cool little detail.


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