Saturday, 18 July 2015

Buggy #8

Type: Pursuit Vehicle
Faction: Citadel
Donor Vehicle: 1969 Morris Mini K / Chassis farm buggy / Holden 186 6 cylinder engine
Fate: Destroyed in Namibia

Miller did not like this vehicle and requested it be kept in the background of scenes


  1. This is a Citadel vehicle, appears prior to the dust devil.

  2. Has a slow-pan closeup from the rear right before the storm. Easy to miss though since your eye is naturally drawn to the SFX of the storm itself.

    Also seen briefly later, during the canyon and night bog scenes.

  3. Hello!I think is more an 1971 Mini Cooper S,for the absence of the external door hinge,the different rear boot and for the rectangular rear lens!
    P.S. spectacular site,very useful for my model!


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