Saturday, 18 July 2015

Buggy #3 / Bones / Lapich Ratrod

Bones at Broken Hill 2010
Photo: Cameron Manwell

Type: Pursuit Vehicle
Faction: Gastown
Donor Vehicle: 1939 Chevy Maple Leaf Truck
Fate: Destroyed in Namibia


  1. That picture looks right, but its of a 1939 Chevy 3-ton truck

    1. Cheers I got the pic and forgot to record what it was lol The mechanics said they lowered the roof until it hit the steering wheel then went up 2 inches , its motor blew up but they used the V8 from Nux's car ( post storm ) to replace it

  2. Watching the scene in the canyon closer, this might actually be one of the Bullet Farmers' vehicles - there are two war boys on top, one wearing Immortan white, and the other painted the Bullet Farm's "sulfur" yellow.

  3. Steve this is a maple leaf truck. We got it as a ratrod and had to raise the roof so humans would fit with a roll cage! The ground clearance was also raised! Andrew.

  4. I've heard people from the production say this vehicle didn't run and thus was relegated to the shots in the Canyon... not true... it is definitely seen in the Night Bog scene, skidding to a halt after those two cars trip the mines. I think it is also seen in the big overhead tracking shot when the carmada bears down on the War Rig at the start of the final chase, although this might be CGI.


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