Friday, 9 October 2015

Buggy #11 / Lysdexia

( Photo John Platt 2010 )

Body shell for sale on Ebay 2016

Type: Pursuit Vehicle
Faction: Unknown
Donor Vehicle/s: 1932 Ford coupe
Fate: Returned to Australia with car carrier 

Built from a spare car shell and fitted with a reverse mounted motorbike engine ( hence it's name Lysdexia ) this car was deemed to impractical to drive and was relegated to the rear of the car carrier for the movie

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mista Creams

One of the most wondered about " vehicles " in Fury Road since the photo of the tricycle appeared online in 2013 , was in fact a local actor hired to deliver ice creams on set as a bit of light hearted fun.
No doubt he arrived at Valhalla smooth and creamy !

Friday, 2 October 2015

Camera Vehicles

Edge Arm Units
Off roader converted to film buggy

Off roader buggies en route to Broken Hill, these cars were designed to blend in
 with convoy vehicles during filming

Polecat vehicle utilized for high level shots

Miller wanted to get right into the big action scenes with the armada and he achieved this by using vehicles that could blend in with the crowd as seen above.
Key to the production's success was the Edge Arm. LA Motorsports stunt driver and stunt coordinator Dean Bailey outfitted the production with two off road racing trucks—one for the main unit and one for the action unit—sporting roof-mounted, gyro-stabilized, 24-foot camera cranes that could rotate through 360 degrees of motion. George Miller directed scenes from inside the camera car—actually a 5.6-litre Toyota Tundra with desert tires—watching the action on split video monitors. Video was transmitted from the Alexa units via RF, and Miller could create rough assemblies of the action scenes to determine his need for coverage before finishing a given shoot. "We could put our cameras where they wouldn't go in the past," Miller said, "and weave them through the armada with the wonderful Edge Arm system."

Tow Truck #2 / Rosie / Tow the Line

Type: Prime Mover
Donor Vehicle/s: 1980 Mack Superliner
Fate: Destroyed in Namibia

Rosie was used in the Interceptor roll over shots , Fury Road vehicle mechanic Cameron Manwell explains:
" Rosie was actually bought for the Interceptor roll over gig. The 3rd Interceptor (gutted shell) is the car you actually see Max in when it's upside down sliding through the dust towards the camera. 
That car had a huge internal skeleton with a massive pipe through the middle sticking out the back. This was then mounted to a hydraulics rig on the back of Rosie so it could be driven slowly while rotating and dropping the car to the ground to simulate the roll and slide to camera "