Friday, 2 October 2015

Tow Truck #2 / Rosie / Tow the Line

Type: Prime Mover
Donor Vehicle/s: 1980 Mack Superliner
Fate: Destroyed in Namibia

Rosie was used in the Interceptor roll over shots , Fury Road vehicle mechanic Cameron Manwell explains:
" Rosie was actually bought for the Interceptor roll over gig. The 3rd Interceptor (gutted shell) is the car you actually see Max in when it's upside down sliding through the dust towards the camera. 
That car had a huge internal skeleton with a massive pipe through the middle sticking out the back. This was then mounted to a hydraulics rig on the back of Rosie so it could be driven slowly while rotating and dropping the car to the ground to simulate the roll and slide to camera "


  1. Kelly Von Kibble2 October 2015 at 17:42

    That second pic is the Road Boss, you can tell by the shape of the fenders.

  2. This is "Rosie", a Mack Superliner!

  3. Actually this isn't Rosie -- it's the Ford Louisville aka the Prime Mover!


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