Saturday, 6 February 2016

Buzzard 5 returns !

Spotted just days ago in the suburbs of Sydney , Australia , the Hillman Buzzard on the back of a trailer sits parked on the side of the road.
This car spent the movie parked on the back of the Citadels car carrier and returned to Australia as part of the car carrier trailers' contents and is now in private hands.


  1. Wasn't the hillman a bullet farm vehicle? And I also wonder what fate this car will hold ;)

    1. It was originally thought to be a Bullet Farm vehicle because of a photo appearing online with a Bullet Farm war bot standing next to it , info from the Fury Road mechanics have recently confirmed it to be a Buzzard vehicle

  2. To be precise -- the Hillman was originally Buggy #10, a Citadel vehicle, until George Miller decided that the Buzzards needed a bigger fleet. It was deleted from the Buggy roster and became a Buzzard (sort of). It was to get a chain-and-flail weapon which would have protruded out the sunroof. Unfortunately no scenes were ever storyboarded for it, so it never got the Buzzard's customary spikes, and ended up languishing on the back of the Car Carrier onscreen.


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