The journey ....

Ever since news broke out that the new installment of Mad Max was to be filmed the eagle eyed and ravenous fans began the search for more info on the project , the first look at the Mad Max cars began at the news conference when we glimpsed the legendary Black on Black Interceptor sitting along side a ratrod FJ Holden utility with an enormous blower stack

 The chase was on ........
Gleaning bits of info , a piece from here and a piece from there the fans slowly began discovering some of the insane vehicles that were being produced in the back blocks of western Sydney

Once the location of the main workshop was discovered a clever man suggested we could peer into it via Google Earth and we got our first peek at the carmada assembling , soon pictures began to appear as the vehicles moved around the country , first to Broken Hill for preliminary testing on the back of low loaders , we had spies everywhere !

Because this is Mad Max and it's always been about the cars , enjoy !

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