Sunday 9 July 2023

Furiosa Vehicles Update Part 3 - Kurnell and Inner West sets

Part 3 of collating and analysis of the publicly available images of Furiosa vehicles found on the web - click pics to enlarge
All eyes are trained on the set in the sand dunes of Kurnell, Sydney not far from where some scenes in Beyond Thunderdome were filmed and we get a first look at the tanker part of the War Rig, it's shiny and chrome and comprises 2 tanker trailers !

Within a few days another bombshell .... the Interceptor ! ??
 Some thought it may have been a prank to confuse fans and the media, but there it was make of it as you will .........

Next we get to see some of the bikes there's a mixture of everything including Harleys and modern Japanese bikes

There's a lot going on in this pic when you zoom in, where you can see the blue tarpaulin that bike has 4 AK47'S mounted on the front of it and what appears to be an outboard motor leg hanging off the back, leaned up against it is what could be a propeller guard off an ultra light aircraft engine
Next to that bike in the pic is what looks like a tracked snow bike

    Below is what I think the prop guard is from and a tracked snow bike


This photo shows the Organic Mechanic's Harley Trike, it looks like a mobile operating theatre, the back looks like it fold down to make a bench, that saw is definitely not medical issue !

A small glimpse of a familiar shape its gotta be the Nux Chevy

This caged vehicle looks like it's some sort of prisoner transport

It looks like it is towed by some sort of twin chariot type bike similar to the ones used at a NSW Police Carnival in 1936 

1936 NSW Police chariot racing

The local Sydney news flew over the site and captured some awesome footage of what looks like a refuelling run to Gastown

This War Rig is massive and it looks like it has some kind of spinning weapon on its rear tank and there are 2 off roaders in the top right of the pic

Now we go to another Gas Town filming location and we get a good look at the huge monster wrecker truck that belongs to Dementus who is played by Chris Hemsworth

It's a big 6 wheeled Mack monster truck and has awesome metal detail on its body work

Then out of the blue a confirmed sighting of the Doof Wagon on the set at Kurnell 

ok I'm done

That's all for now unless we get anymore goodies between now and March next year
I will make a page listing all the new vehicles spotted to date soon
See ya on the highway scags !

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